Here is why there is a big void in the plus sized clothing retail


World over, the fashion industry for women clothing is seen to only cater to sizes below 14. But the hard hitting fact is that a majority of women in almost all the nations of the world are between sizes 14 and 34.

Sadly, today the retail sector that deals in readymade clothes caters to a very limited market. The shelves at 95% of the clothing stores never ever have seasonal collection displaying fresh cuts and fabric for the real women. At some stores where there is a big demand for such plus sized clothes, the store may prefer to have an attached designing house that may enable the clients to get a similar garment or a close to similar one fitted to  the desired larger size. But, surprisingly none that is ready and easy to pick up from the shelves ready to be worn!

What can be the reason for this?

Demographic studies in relation to the size of the women in the society undertaken at the famous Temple University has strongly inferred that there is a big number of female population who is much above size 14 and who desperately hunt for their size clothes at hundreds of their fairly successful or unsuccessful shopping expeditions.

Is retailing in plus sized clothing promising at all?

Industries experts conveniently peg the estimated market for retailing in plus sized clothing sector to be anywhere close to $18 billion. This means that there is indeed a very big scope in this market. Then what is stopping them from making a foray?

Is there a deficit in training or apprehension to make huge investment?

Some experts believe that the reason why majority of retailers do not foray into retailing plus sized clothing is because there is no adequate training in designing them. Others are of the opinion that there is a lot of apprehension regarding the response that they will get from the customers.

Setting up huge infrastructure without being too sure of being profitable can be risky and the apprehension is understandable. But the fact that most women are ready to shell out a big sum if someone out there can give them flattering fits and cuts that will accentuate their figure and make them look attractive and dressy without having to run to a seamstress often is a definite reason to experiment in this field.

The challenges that fuller women face:

Well endowed women are forever in a dilemma as they have to pre plan their outfits for any upcoming dos and they have to personally update themselves about the fashion styles that are in vogue. There is no “got an invite, shop and pick up a dress” for them. Instead, they have to research on the style and cut, purchase the fabric and take it to the seamstress and then ask for a flattering cut and only then they are ready to actually look good on their D day!

Even buying work wear is such a trauma for them that every time they have to refurbish their wardrobe, it leaves them puffing and panting and asking for divine help to let them have a decent collection of clothes to last that season.

The designers are not trained to design for the better endowed women:

Another major reason for the lacunae of not having adequate fashionable clothing options for the real woman today is that there is a huge gap between the actual requirement and the number of qualified people.

The students who learn fashion designing are hardly ever taught the nuances of designing clothing for the fully endowed women. And even if they are taught, it is fleetingly done or worst of all never taught to them with any intention of helping them to specialize in designing such plus sized clothes. Thus, what we find is that the designers who graduate from even the best of fashion schools have a skewed opinion of designing or a total lack of identification and even to the extent of having complete ignorance of the need to address this promising retail sector.

The stakes are high, we agree:

We understand that to start a new line of clothing that mainly caters only to the plus sized women and in the present scenario where there is no comprehensive body of research as to the needs and demands of the full bodied women is a daunting task. The task may involve millions of dollars in investment along with the guts to be the first in the line and also have the instinct to bring out winning designs. Yet, alongside we strongly feel that getting started is half way to success.

Clothing is basic to the civilized society and if a fashion house courageously builds a brand around the plus sized clothing with the same passion that they do for the present sizes, there is a very big chance that they will not only be successful but will make a mark for themselves.


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Any size, only one destination:

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Now, we are talking sense:

You see, there has been a lot of awareness about retailers having to stock plus sized clothes and accessories. We found out from the surveys that we conducted that another one field that is totally and completely neglected today is the need to address the clothing needs of the women who are of very small size. No one seems to represent them probably because they are there in very small numbers in any society, but the fact that they are there warrants that we provide our services to them.

The non plus sizes:

We call them the non plus sizes. They are fashionable and they are cool. And they are not sewn tighter to fit them. our designing team takes an extra effort to do a lot of research on the various body types that are there in order to provide them the best fit and give them the super confidence that they need to face the world.

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